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I have a hunch as to why you’re here. You realized it’s someone’s birthday tomorrow and you need to write to them? You go and grab a card and a pen, scrawl down some wishes and then stuff it in an envelope. But there’s one problem: you don’t have any stamps! Click here for a full list of stores where you can buy stamps.

Or maybe it was some kind of letter you need to send for professional reasons. It could be an application for a job that closes tomorrow. Or it could be a

Now you need postage stamps quick and you don’t know where to look, so you’ve quickly done a scout of the local area on Google Maps and you’ve noticed that 711 is in your vicinity. But does 711 sell postage stamps?

Does 711 Sell Postage Stamps?

The good news is that yes 711 does sell postage stamps, but the bad news is not all the time.

711 will often sell postage stamps but unfortunately every store is slightly different and you may risk making the trip to find that your particular branch doesn’t stock them. Of course another possibility is simply that you head there only to find that they are currently out of stock.

What’s so handy about 711 is – as the name suggests – they are open seven days a week. That means you can get them on a Sunday when other stores are closed if you’re in dire straits. But yeah, just make sure that you are going to call in and check that the stamps are available before you head on over to avoid disappointment.

711 near me

If your 711 does sell stamps, then the good news is that they should be sold at the exact same price as they are at the local post office. This is a mandate of the consignment program put in place by the United States Postal Service (USPS), though you might find there are exceptions occasionally.

711 should sell single stamps, books of stamps, rolls and coils and you can get these from behind the counter. They do occasionally stock those with unique designs or that have commemorative decoration.

711 Near Me Store Locator

Here’s a list of all 711’s near you.

About 711

The correct way to write 711 is as 7-eleven. This is an American-Japanese company that has a large chain of convenience stores. The headquarters is in Irving, Texas. Across 18 countries, you’ll find 56,600 stores – so that’s a whole lot of stamps!

The name reflects the ‘always-open’ idea of the 711, though of course it is closed at certain points. The first outlets were actually called ‘Tote’m Stores’ because they ‘toted’ away purchases. Some even had totem poles outside to go along with this theme. However, the stores changed their name in 1946 when they made the move to be open 7-11, seven days of the week.


So yes, for the most part, 711 does sell postage stamps and is a good place to get them. They’re often open, they’re full of other useful conveniences and they’re available at a standard price and in a range of different quantities and styles. You’re sorted!

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