Christmas Postage Stamps – 2017

It feels like the holidays are always just around the corner. And no holiday is bigger than Christmas. I can hear it now, everywhere I go Christmas music and jingle bells. It truly is a wonderful time of year. Where family and friends get together to share thanks and gifts and good food. It’s also the time of year where we send letters and mail most often. Either as presents and gifts, or just well-wishings. Nothing says I love, miss, and care for you like a handwritten letter of appreciation. Emails are impersonal, phone calls are boring, and faxes are just plain out of style. The only problem is, what does our modern society know about writing and sending letters. We rarely slow down enough to stay in touch nevertheless write an actual letter. However, Christmas is that one time of year where you should slow down and take time to appreciate all the good people in your life.

Now, I can’t tell you what to write or how to write it. However, I can tell you before ever starting you’re going to need one crucial thing. A postage stamp. You cannot mail a letter without one. We suggest going with a USA Forever stamp as they will retain their value and be usable as first-class mail. If you don’t know where to buy postage stamps, you can check our homepage.

Buy Christmas Postage Stamps – 2017

For the 2017 year, the USPS has decided to focus on Christmas carols for their theme. They have four distinct stamps each depicting a different carol and beautiful picture. These are USA Forever stamps. What that means is they are good for one piece of first-class mail. They will also retain their value. Meaning that if you have leftover stamps, you can always send them out next Christmas or the following without worrying about postage cost increases.

Christmas Postage Stamps 2017The first theme, featured in the top left, is the ever-famous, “Deck the Halls.” To the right of it, we have, “Silent Night.” A beautiful and slow song that tells the tale of Mother Mary and her newborn son, Jesus. In the bottom left we have “Jingle Bells,” featuring a horse pulling a sleigh. Last but certainly not least, “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.”

Why We Write Christmas Letters

Christmas is the time of year for giving and remember. Giving to those we love, and to those less fortunate than ourselves. Remember our forefather’s hardships and examples. And recognizing Jesus and the sacrifices he made. Nothing says, “I love and appreciate you” as much as a handwritten, thoughtful and thought-out letter.



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