How to Use Postage Stamps

Postage stamps should be placed onto the upper right-hand corner of letters and other mailing materials. This is the placement that USPS requests. Just remove it from its backing and then stick it on, white side down. The question of how many stamps do I need to send a letter depends on three factors. These are the shape of the envelope, mail class you wish to use, and the overall weight of the envelope and its contents.

To break it down, here’s how you use postage stamps

  1. Use the USPS postage calculator to figure out how many stamps you need.
  2. Write the address and any other information on your envelope or postcard
  3. Carefully remove the stamp from the roll. Place the stamp in the top right corner of the envelope.
  4. Send it off. At this point you should be ready to send your letter!

how to use postage stamps

If you’re asking yourself, “how many stamps do I need for a letter?”, The answer is straightforward. For example, a first-class letter which weighs one ounce will require a postage stamp with a value of .49 cents. A Retail Ground letter or parcel which weighs in at one pound (for zones one and two) will require $6.65 in value.

These two examples are based on 2017 postal rates, and they just scratch the surface.

The best way to decide how many stamps are needed is to utilize a handy tool which is provided online, at the official USPS website. It’s called the postage price calculator, and it will allow you to figure out how much postage for a specific postcard, letter or parcel will cost. Once you know the amount, you’ll be able to divide the total amount by the number of stamps that you have (or figure out how many you will need to buy).

For example, if you have a book of 20 stamps with .49 cent denominations and your mail out will cost $6.65, you’ll need 13.5. So, round up to fourteen and then stick them on!

The final step you probably already know. Just take it to your nearest post office, mailbox, or parcel post and drop the letter off. The Postal Service will take it from there.

Here’s the link to the postage price calculator at –

Please keep in mind that these are current prices as of June 2017. They are updated and changed typically once or twice per annum.

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