The Worlds Most Rare & Valuable Stamps

We humans have a love of collecting items that are rich in history, valuable, and/or have a deep connection to our childhood or adolescence. From cars to baseball cards, bottle caps, stamps, and more. There are a million different things people collect, store, admire, and treasure. Stamps are one of the most commonly collected items. While stamps themselves might not be exciting, the context of their creation often is. Different wars, time periods, and leaders all saw different types of stamps. Some with rich colors and vibrancy that seemed to sparkle. Others showing off the conquests of mankind. Even others giving a small look at famous structures, landmarks, vehicles, or feats of technology. The most famous stamps are a reminder and often a warning of the time period, its struggles, and its achievements. If you’re just trying to buy postage stamps for standard mail, please check our homepage.

Most Valuable Stamps

These stamps have sold for incredible amounts of money. Some valued at well over one million dollars. Without further ado, here they are.

Swedish Three Skilling Banco, Yellow Missprint, 1855

This is the most unknown and rare stamp in the world. It is a yellow missprint of the Swedish coat of arms. There is currently only one known in exitence.

swedish three skilling banco yellow missprint 1855

It was discovered by a small boy back in 1885 in his grandfathers stamp collection.

Worth : $2,500,000

Hawaiin Missionaries, 1851

Stamps weren’t introduced in Hawaiia until 1851. These were some of the first ever created. They were typically used by American missionaries teaching Christianity and English to the natives.

Hawaiian Missionaries stamp, 1851

There are four different versions of the stamp as detailed above in the picture.

Worth : $750,000

Russian Tiflis Stamp, 1857

From Russia with love. The Tiflis is the most expensive postage stamp ever printed in Russia.

Tiflis stamp russian, 1857

There are currently only five known surviving stamps. Russian collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for these rare stamps.

Worth : $500,000

Rare US(American) Stamps

America has the highest amount of rare and costly stamps. Here are some of the rarest.

Benjamin Franklin, 1867

Benjamin Franklink was a famous politician, diplomant, scientist, and author. A true rennisance man. He strongly supported American unity and a union of social tolerance and practical values.

Benjamin Franklin 1867 stamp

While not the most vibrant or pretty stamp we have ever seen, it sure is worth a lot. Currently, there are only two known surviving stamps.

Worth : $900,000

Abraham Lincoln, 1867

As many of you likely already know, Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States of America during the civil war. He lead the effort to end segregation and bring the south back in line with the northern states. While the civil war was raging on the United States government adopted new stamp designs. This is one of the results of the new designs.

abraham lincoln rarest stamp

At the time, there were tens of thousands of these stamps made. Unfortunately, very few have survived from the 1860’s until today. Fewer still are in a suitable condition for collecting or selling. It’s estimated worth is said to be in the ballpark of $200,000.

Worth : $200,000

Valuable German Stamps

Many rare and precious German stamps were destroyed in the multitude of wars and strife from the early and middle of the 20th century.

Baden 9 Kreuzer Missprint, 1851

This is the most rare and valuable German stamp with only 4 in existence. The stamp was supposed to be printed in the color pink. However, due to an error, a few sheets were printed in green. This adds to their history and rarity.

Baden 9 Kreuzer Error stamp 1851

Worth : $1,545,000

Togo, 1911

Togo is a country in West Africa. German traders established trading posts and docks there in the 1880’s. They created coastal towns that were used as a harbor for German travelers, explorers, and even the military.

valuable German stamp

Togo stamps are quite rare. However, only certain variations of the stamp are worth the full $40,000. Most are worth a few thousand dollars. For more information, check with a local or state appraiser.

Worth : $100,000

Rare Stamps For Sale

Are you a new stamp collector looking to get started? Perhaps you’re a history buff who has their eye on these stamps? Whatever the case, buying rare stamps should be a fun experience. While many times it will be easy, going to auctions or online forums, many times you may have to travel and explore to find the rarest stamps. If you want to get started, we suggest using Stamp Auction Network. They are an excellent resource into the world of stamps and also host thousands of stamp transactions per month. We highly recommend them.

Old Stamps Worth Money

Just because your stamp didn’t make it on the list doesn’t mean it has no value. There are thousands of rare stamps out there. These are just the ones worth significant amounts of money. Yours could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is assuming it’s in good condition and is not a fake or replica. The only real way of getting an accurate estimation of the worth is by going to an appraiser. An individual or an institution that specializes in finding an items value. Our best suggestion is searching for local or state auctions. They will be happy to appraise your item and put it in the auction if that’s what you want. If your stamp is really rare, it may even attract a large audience.

Remember though, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s worth anything. This will be the case the majority of the time. Don’t get overexcited and keep your expectations grounded.

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