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Stamp collecting can be a fun, rewarding, and in some cases, profitable hobby. It all stems from a love of rich history and the time periods which fill it. From the wartime stamps of Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin all the way to European misprints, there are thousands of different rare and beautiful stamps from all over the world. From developing countries all the way to the greatest and most influential empires. Each stamp portrays an important figure or period in history, defining critical moments for humanity. Furthermore, communication is the cornerstone of civilization and modern society. Stamps, while a relatively new invention, has played a significant role in communication. Even in today’s modern society billions of letters are sent out each year. For the most part, they are paid with a stamp and mailed via the United States Postal Service. Click here if you’d like to know “where can I buy stamps?”

So, you want to be a serious stamp collector? You’re going to need a couple of stamp collecting supplies to ensure your precious and rare stamps stay safe. Away from oxygen which would degrade the paper, away from hand oils which would slowly cause the stamp to change color. You need to take many precautions to keep your collection in tip-top shape. Here’s what you’re going to need.

1. A Booklet

Simple, inexpensive, and self-explanatory. This will keep your stamp collection all in one place. Besides that, it will also protect them from the air itself, which over time, will damage the stamps. It also protects the stamps from oils, which can be imparted from a single fingertip. Furthermore, they will be completely isolated from any smoke which, over time, could cause immense damage to your collection.
stamp collectors booklet

2. Tweezers

Remember how I mentioned skin oils are absolutely terrible for your stamps? That’s why you’ll want to delicatly handle them with a pair of tweezers. Free of any oil, dirt, food, or liquid that could transfer and cause long-term damage or discoloration. Don’t use the same tweezers you use for body care for your stamps. You want a unique pair with stamp collecting as its only purpose.

Final Thoughts

That’s it folks. Once you have a stamp booklet and a quality pair of tweezers, you’re good to go. Oh, and one more thing, keep them away from small children. They don’t have much of an appreciation for old and fragile things.

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