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Do you have an awesome stamp collection you want to sell? Maybe you just want an appraisal and value check? Or, perhaps you’re in the market and looking to start a collection yourself. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll want a quality and trustworthy appraiser and collector. In this world of ours, full of thieves and cheats, you never can be too careful. Unfortunately, there is no perfect little list of stamp collectors near you. However, we have the next best thing. A list of a few retailers we know to be worthwhile, some offer their services online, others you must travel to their stores. Whichever you choose, know you’re in good hands. Click here if you’re looking to buy stamps near me.

Stamp Auction Network Review

Stamp Auction Network is where we suggest doing most, if not all of your transactions. They have a huge subscriber base and deal with thousands of transactions per month. Their reputation is flawless, and they feature online catalogs, live bidding, and an extensive auction directory. They also have many good articles written on the subject.

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Stamp Collection Value

This is a bit tricky; it depends on many different factors. Such as:

  • The condition of the stamps
  • The age of the stamps
  • The rarity

Another aspect to consider is counterfeiting. While it is difficult to counterfeit stamps, it does happen. Counterfeiting stamps is much easier than money and it is easier to get away with too. It’s an uncommon yet profitable crime. This is very rare however, and a good appraiser will spot this almost immediately.

Methods Of Sale

These are the most common and best methods of sale.


Public auctions are my favorite way of viewing, selling, and buying rare and valuable stamps. Of course, there is no obligation, and many people just go for the viewing portion. These auctions can be either online or live.

Private Sale

The sale between two private parties. This method can be difficult as you’re dealing with potentially large sums of money. Furthermore, the integrity of the other party is always in question.

Stamp Showing

Stamp showings are run a few times per year all over the country. Collectors, dealers, and merchants meet together to show off their stamps. There’s no obligation to buy or sell. However, many patrons decide to.

The Right Time To Sell & Buy

Similar to anything of value, there is a good and smart time to sell, and a good and smart time to buy. This will depend on your country and the current economic environment. For example, if you were in the United States, the worst time to sell would be during the 2008 recession. People have less money to spend on hobbyist activities. Do your best to try and time the market. It could end up saving or costing your thousands of dollars.=

How to store your stamps

Proper storage of your stamps is necessary. We suggest a cool dark place, in a sealed film. Avoid touching the stamps directly. Oils from the skin will be transferred to the stamp and over time could cause decay. For a more detailed guide, you can read here.


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