Does Target Sell Stamps

So first things first: yes, Target does indeed sell postage stamps! If you’re looking for somewhere to get stamps and you have a Target nearby, then head on down and you should find that they stock them. Target is a very popular and ubiquitous store that sells a range of useful items and is highly convenient for many people. But does it sell postage stamps? In this article, we’ll find out. Click below if you’d like a list of all locations where you can buy stamps.

Target and Postage Stamps

There are thousands of these located around the world and most sell stamps! So that’s a lot of stamps and it means there’s a good chance that this will be your most convenient and useful option for quickly getting something to send post with. Target is actually the second-largest discount store retailer in the US and the only one bigger is Walmart.

does target sell stamps?

But before you go, make sure that you do double check that your Target indeed sells postage stamps. Not every single one will do as the stores can range in size and in stock quite a lot and of course there is some chance that they will be sold out. Before you make the trip, just give them a call and ask them!

The USPS (United States Postal Service) consignment program is what allows people to buy stamps from sources other than post offices. With over 48,000 locations around the country that sell stamps, you do have a lot of alternative opportunities and the good news is that retailers aren’t allowed to sell the stamps for more than the current postal prices and do not get compensation. In other words, there is no disadvantage to buying them this way.

Target Near Me Store Locator

Here is a target store locator so you can find all the locations near you. Click here for a list of all Target locations.

The Company

Target stores are owned by a company called Target Corporation. As mentioned, these are the second largest discount store retailers in the whole of the US. The company was founded by George Dayton with headquarters located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Back when it was first launched in 1902, the company was actually known as Goodfellow Dry Goods! It was renamed in 1903 to Dayton’s Dry Goods and then Dayton Company in 1910. The first Target store didn’t actually open until 1962!

Today the company is going from strength to strength. You can visit the website and order a whole host of goods from there. Does Target sell postage stamps from its website too? You bet you! So this is another way to get hold of them, as long as you can wait for the delivery.

The company otherwise sells pretty much everything under the sun. You can get clothes, shoes, accessories, babies products, home products, furniture, electronics, video games, toys, luggage, sporting equipment, movies, food, supplies, gifts… you name it!

So it should come as no surprise that you can also get postage stamps, which come under the heading of school and office supplies.


So yes, Target does sell postage stamps and it also sells a whole lot besides. You can get these at the current postal rate and even buy them online!


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