Does Walgreens Sell Stamps

Many people ask us if Walgreens sells stamps. The answer is yes, Walgreens is one of few retailers that do sell stamps. You can purchase them in many different denominations. They commonly come as single stamps, or in a bundle of six, twelve, or twenty. Check the following link if you want a full list of the retailers where to buy stamps.

Their prices are consistent with purchasing directly from the post office. They also sell other mail supplies such as envelopes and. Some locations may even have a post box inside! This makes Walgreens a convenient location to buy stamps.

Walgreens History

Walgreens has a long and rich history as a pharmacy and grocery store chain. Their roots go all the way back to 1901 when they were founded by Charles Walgreen in Chicago, Illinois. They now have more than 8,000 locations and are a recognized international brand. From once humble beginnings, Walgreens now employs tens of thousands of people and earns hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year.

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Walgreens is much more than just a simple store. It also acts as a pharmacy. You can purchase a wide variety of health products. A few of the categories they carry are hair care, women’s care, and simple medicines such as aspirin and Tylenol. You can also bring a doctor’s prescription and have it filled for over the counter medication. Furthermore, you can also have your flu shots administered there. They are one of the top-rated pharmacies in the world. Carrying an unprecedented amount of medical products and have friendly and professional staff.

Walgreens Near Me Store Locator

Here is a map of Walgreens locations near you. You can also click the following link to go directly to the Walgreens website.

Convenience Factor

There are two parts to convenience. One being able to find Walgreens locations in just about every shopping center. The other is the fact that they sell such a wide variety of products and have an attached pharmacy.

As you can see from the above map, Walgreens has locations everywhere. Even in the smallest of townships, you can usually find one within driving distance.

Walgreens sells candy, milk, groceries, snacks, stamps, personal care and safety, magazines, and just about most things you could think of. While they aren’t specifically a grocery store and don’t sell precooked or frozen meals, you can get just about anything else.

Rewards Program

Walgreens also has an excellent customer loyalty rewards program. The program is called balance rewards, and it can save you serious cash. The points are accumulated on every purchase you make at a rate of 100 points per $1 spent. You’re also encouraged to accumulate points as the more you have, the more their worth becomes. For example, while 1000 points may be worth a $1 purchase, an accumulated 40,000 points is worth a $50 purchase. Every dollar you spend nets you 100 points. It may take a while to get to 40,000 points, but it’s well worth it to sign up for the program.

Can You Buy Postage Stamps At Walgreens

Of course! You can purchase postage stamps at any Walgreens location. The stamps are sold in many different denominations. Mostly consisting one, six, twelve, and twenty stamps. While you’re there, you can check out the latest deals and learn about their rewards program.

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