Does Walmart Sell Stamps

Walmart does sell stamps, envelopes, and other mailing and postage accessories. However, the store sells just about everything under the sun. It’s a perfect spot if you’re looking for writing supplies, sports supplies, food, toys, school supplies, and clothing. Furthermore, many locations also operate as a pharmacy. Considering Walmart is in just about every town, city, and suburb, this makes it a very convenient location to do all your shopping, for stamps or otherwise. The prices are insanely low which makes this a hot location. Here you can find a list of all the stores you can purchase stamps.

Walmart History

Founded in 1962 by the late great Sam Walton. He envisioned a convenience store where you could go and purchase everything you need. He wanted to end the days of going to the bakers, the butchers, the deli, and the clothing stores separately. His idea took off quickly and not long after Walmart became an incorporated business.

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As of today, Walmart has 11,695 stores in 28 different countries throughout the world. Walmart is currently the world’s largest company by revenue at an absolute earth shattering 480 billion U.S. dollars. They also employ more people than any other private company with 2.3 million employees.

Walmart Store Locations

As I mentioned earlier, Walmart has locations all across the entire globe. You’ll be able to purchase stamps from all over the place. Not to mention that have excellent customer service and since they are such a massive store, always offer the greatest discounts and returns policy.

Walmart Rewards Program

The Walmart rewards program is a little unique. It mostly benefits online shoppers. This is because Walmarts prices are already very inexpensive and they operate on razor-thin profit margins. However, online shopping is a booming industry, and Walmart is lagging behind the other large e-commerce websites. The program is named 3-2-1 and works like this. The customer recovers 3% cash for every purchase they make online. They receive 2% cashback on fuel at Walmart gas stations. Furthermore, you earn 1% cashback on all in-store purchases. This isn’t the best rewards program we have ever seen but combined with their already low prices you save a lot of money.

Walmart Pharmacy

Another key feature of shopping at Walmart is the pharmacy. It carries just about every medicine you can think of, and with a doctor’s prescription, you’re ready to go. You can also get flu shots taken here. Their customer service is excellent, and they always hire top quality pharmacists.

Can I Buy Stamps At Walmart

Yes, Walmart does sell stamps and all the mail accessories you could ever need. Items like postcards, envelopes, and writing supplies. They also have an excellent online catalog, and their stores are always just around the corner.

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